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    About us


    Hello, welcome to Slope Hill Arms my name is William Bowser the owner. I first would like to say thank you for your interest in our products. My team of veteran designers works diligently to produce high-quality, durable, and made in the United States by veterans and Americans apparel. As for our custom weapons please inquire for further information.

    As a U.S. Army disabled veteran (1998-2012) I spent the majority of my time deployed and training troops. This led to a natural curiosity as to how to modify or build rifles and 1911 handguns that performed at a much higher standard than the weapons that I had trained with and trained other soldiers on. I began researching the firearms industry and noticed that most dealers were so focused on profit margin and overhead that the everyday hard-working weapons owner was being forced to overpay so much for products that they would settle for substandard weapons and equipment as they could not afford quality.

    I made it my personal mission to change that by partnering with dealers that produce high-quality products made and assembled right here in the United States to ensure quality parts are used in our custom builds.